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My Briotix Health Journey

Briotix Health prides itself on providing continuous opportunities for learning and professional growth within the company. Nearly 10% of full-time team members were promoted in 2022.


Asha Thompson

Associate Client Manager

Asha joined the Briotix Health team in 2006 as part of our Ergonomic Coordinator team. She has worked her way up through the organization and is now an Associate Client Manager.

Pablo Ramos

Jobsite Analysis Specialist

Pablo joined Briotix Health in 2020 as a part-time Industrial Sports Medicine Specialist (ISMP). He was quickly promoted to a full-time ISMP. He was promoted to Jobsite Analysis Specialist less than a year after that.


Lyndsay Trefzger

Solutions Advisor

Lyndsay joined Briotix Health as a part-time Industrial Sports Medicine Professional more than six years ago. After expressing a desire to move into the company's business side, Lyndsay transitioned to our sales team in 2021.

Find your place with us

We recognize that the team members we hire come from all walks of life. We believe that people from underrepresented backgrounds not only help us to be stronger, but also allow our team to connect, belong, and grow. If you share our values and our desire to build meaningful, diverse, and lasting relationships, we highly encourage you to apply. 

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